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40" Unicorn Balloons

40" Unicorn Balloons

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  • Unicorn theme party balloons - very suitable for theme parties, children's birthdays, gender reveal, children's room decoration, etc.
  • Packing list - 40" large unicorn x 1,18" five-pointed star balloon x 2, 18" unicorn ball x 2
  • Made of high-quality aluminum film, with metallic luster, uniform color, beautiful spherical shape, can be used repeatedly, easy to inflate and deflate
  • Floating reminder - It will not float if filled with air. If you want to float, you need to fill it with helium
  • Inflation reminder - Inflate slowly, use an inflator to inflate to 90%, and then blow with a straw to control the air volume so as not to break. If you encounter a situation where 2 layers of aluminum film are sticky, stop the inflation first, gently pull the 2 layers of aluminum film apart and inflate with your hands, otherwise it will be easily damaged

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