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Unicorn Binky Pacifier Holder

Say goodbye to dropped and lost pacifiers. This magical unicorn plush binky pacifier holder is the perfect addition to your diaper bag essentials.




  • Stop Lost Pacifiers – Paci-Plushies make finding baby’s pacifier a snap with this Unicorn Binky Pacifier Holder! Eliminate the stress of searching for lost pacifiers.
  • Easily Replace Pacifiers – Each Paci-Plushie includes a Nookums Pacifier that detaches from the animal for replacement & sanitation. Use our Nookums Pacifier or swap it out for your own. Paci-Plushies Pacifier Holders have a flexible Hug Ring that attaches to a variety of baby’s favorite pacifiers including Mam, Avent, NUK and many more. Please Note: Paci-Plushies are compatible with most but not all pacifiers. Paci-Plushies work best with pacifiers that have a button shield.
  • Helps with Fine Motor Skills – Paci-Plushies plush animals make it easier for babies to independently maneuver the pacifier at a younger age. Our huggable designs are sized for little hands and textured for touch and exploration.
  • Grows with Baby – Turn any Paci-Plushies plush product into a Chillable Teether with our Chillies Teether Add-On. Chillies Teethers are filled with purified water and store in the fridge. These lightweight and chillable pacifiers help to soothe tender gums and boo-boos for children of all ages. Attach your favorite Paci-Plushie and baby will enjoy the cooling power of a teether while keeping their fingers warm with their favorite plush. (sold separately)
  • Helps with Transition – When baby outgrows the pacifier, the Paci-Plushies animal becomes a familiar toy that helps ease the transition tear-free. Pacifier detaches for replacement & sanitation. Plush is machine washable. Hassle Free Packaging.


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