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Plush Unicorn Onsie Pajamas

Emolly Fashion brings even more fun to their pajama drawer with this kids animal unicorn onesie. It’s made of ultra-soft plush that makes it comfortable to wear as a costume, loungewear, or sleepwear.

  • Ultra-soft plush with an embroidered hoodie
  • Pockets and buttons to make it easy to put on and take off.
  • Perfect for cosplay events, kids Halloween costume parties, birthday parties or simply just to be cute and cozy!




Warm and Cozy: You can feel the ultra plush material when you wear this onesie so you can be comfortable, warm and cozy while wearing it either to sleep, hang out or at a party!

Breathable Fleece: Made from very high-quality breathable material so that you can feel comfortable wearing the onesie for hours at a time.

Suggested Kids Sizing:

Size 4: 42-46” tall

Size 5: 47-49” tall

Size 6: 50-52” tall

Size 8: 53-55” tall

Size 10: 56-59” tall

Material: Breathable Fleece

Features: Cozy material, embroidered hoodie, pockets


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